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The Saskatchewan Health Authority believes that every job is important and contributes toward providing quality health care. If you believe that Northerners could benefit from your expertise, consider joining our team.

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Representative Workforce

A Representative Workforce is one in which the workplace is representative of the workforce population it serves.

A Representative Workforce Strategy is implemented when the organization signs an agreement to opens its doors to hiring the workforce population at all levels and classifications.

Shared Commitment

Saskatchewan is home to the second largest Aboriginal population per capita in Canada and the fastest growing labour force. Aboriginal people are significantly under-represented in the health care labour force.

On July 15, 1999, Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region and First Nations and Métis Relations signed a partnership agreement to implement the Representative Workforce Strategy. A new partnership agreement was signed on August 27, 2003 with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations and the Unions, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, Saskatchewan Government Employees Union and Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan. The parties agreed to work together in the Region to support and promote the Representative Workforce Strategy through implementing:

  1. Policies/programs to facilitate constructive cultural relations.
  2. Aboriginal employment and career development.
  3. Linkages to the Aboriginal workforce.
  4. Economic opportunities to provide products and services.

Representative Workforce language is included in the Collective Agreements of the three unions: Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS), Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union (SGEU) and Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN),

The Values of the Representative Workforce Initiative

The Representative Workforce Initiative is based upon specific values and principles, upon which employees are hired based on meeting the skills and qualifications of each position:

  • Respect for the individual and culture
  • Integrity, dignity and mutual respect
  • Trust and fairness
  • Open communication and understanding
  • Consistent approach


For more info contact:

Kim Vancoughnett
Representative Workforce Coordinator
Phone: 306-425-4804
Fax:      306-425-5432


Job Listings 

Here are the job listings that are currently available.