The more than 23,500 people in the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region live in numerous communities and First Nations.

Communities include:

  • Air Ronge
  • Belanger
  • Birch Rapids
  • Brabant
  • Creighton
  • Denare Beach
  • Deschambault Lake
  • Flin Flon, SK 
  • Island Falls
  • Jan Lake
  • Kinoosao
  • La Ronge
  • McLennan Lake
  • Missinipe
  • Molanosa
  • Montreal Lake
  • Pelican Narrows
  • Phantom Beach
  • Pinehouse Lake
  • Sandy Bay
  • Sandy Narrows
  • Southend/Reindeer
  • Stanley Mission
  • Sturgeon Landing
  • The Two Rivers
  • Timber Bay
  • Wadin Bay
  • Weyakwin
  • Wollaston Lake


First Nations include

  • Amisk Lake First Nation 184
  • Birch Portage First Nations 184A
  • Four Portages First Nations 157C
  • Fox Point First Nations 157D
  • Fox Point First Nations 157E
  • Grandmother's Bay First Nations 219
  • Kitsakie First Nations 156B
  • Lac La Hache First Nations 220
  • Lac La Ronge First Nations 156
  • Little Hills First Nations 158
  • Little Hills First Nations 158A
  • Little Hills First Nations 158B
  • Mirond Lake First Nations 184E
  • Montreal Lake First Nations 106
  • Morin Lake First Nations 217
  • Old Fort First Nations 157B
  • Pelican Narrows First Nations 184B
  • Potato River First Nations 156A
  • Sandy Narrows First Nations 184C
  • Southend First Nations 200
  • Stanley First Nations 157
  • Stanley First Nations 157A
  • Sucker River First Nations 156C
  • Woody Lake First Nations 184D


To provide services to the residents of the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region, facilities are located in five communities. If you are considering joining our health care team, you may be interested in knowing more about these locations.


Located near the Manitoba border, Creighton has 1502 residents. Denare Beach, just north of Creighton, has 785. Some residents of Flin Flon also live on the Saskatchewan side of the border. Mining is the biggest industry, with two mines currently operating in the Creighton area.

For more information, check out the website for the Town of Creighton.


La Ronge

With a population of 2725, La Ronge is the largest community in Northern Saskatchewan. Most amenities are found in La Ronge, including a modern Health Centre and the corporate office of the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region. Another 1032 people live in the Village of Air Ronge, just south of La Ronge. Some First Nations of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band are located adjacent to both Air Ronge and La Ronge. The population of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band in this area is 2417.

For more information, check out the official website for the Town of La Ronge, and the websites for the Village of Air Ronge and Lac La Ronge Indian Band.



Pinehouse is a community of 1076 people located on the western shore of Pinehouse Lake, at the edge of the Precambrian Shield. Many residents earn their living through commercial fishing, logging and mining.

The community does not have its own website, however you may find some information on the services available there on the Pinehouse page on the website of Saskatchewan Tourism.

Sandy Bay

Located on the Churchill River near the Island Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station, Sandy Bay is home to 1175 people. The Hydroelectric Station is a major employer and tourism is a major industry, offering excellent fishing and hunting.

A list of amenities is available on the Sandy Bay page of Saskatchewan Tourism.



Located south of La Ronge, Weyakwin is a beautiful town with scenic lakes and camping. It is home to 99 people. The major industry is logging.

Saskatchewan Tourism lists services in Weyakwin on its website.

Note: The source used for population figures for the towns and villages is the 2006 Census published by Statistics Canada. Lac La Ronge Indian Band figures provided by the Band.