Continuing Care/Long Term Care

Home Care

Home Care is a community based service which assists clients to stay in their own homes and communities, allowing them to maintain dignity and independence, while enhancing the quality of their lives.

Home care services include:

  • personal care       
  • nursing
  • wound care
  • home oxygen support
  • homemaking
  • meals on wheels
  • equipment rental program
  • social wellness program
  • meal preparation
  • translation
  • foot care clinics/podiatry services
  • special needs transportation
  • respite care
  • palliative care

Cost: Fees are required for some services.

Contact your local client care supervisor for more information or an assessment.

Adult Day Program

The adult day program in La Ronge provides socialization, rehabilitation, and recreation opportunities for people in our community, and helps individuals remain in their homes by:

  • providing support for the primary care giver;
  • alleviating the sense of loneliness often experienced by people with illness or injury, or by the elderly;
  • promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Transporation to the La Ronge Health Centre is available for a fee of $5.00 per round trip.

Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $8.15 per day (includes lunch); $4.00 per half day

(subject to change by Ministry of Health.)

Recreation Program

The recreation program offers leisure programs, specifically designed for long term care residents and adult day program participants in an atmosphere of support and sociability.

Examples of recreation programs include: exercise programs, fish fries, visits to schools, attending community events, crafts, baking, seasonal parties, etc.

Long Term Care

There are 14 permanent resident beds at the La Ronge Health Centre.  The long term care facility is known as Nikinan, which is Cree for "Our Home."


  • an admission form is completed for each individual;
  • an assessment of the individual's level of mental and physical needs is done by the client care supervisor;
  • placements depend on bed availability and priority need.

We encourage and assist individuals to retain as much independence as possible, with support from qualified staff in a home-like setting.


nursing care
nutritious meals
personal care
laundry service
recreation activities
spiritual/pastoral care
community outings, if individual is able

Cost: There is a monthly charge for residents placed in long term care.  The fees are income-tested charges determined by the Ministry of Health.

Respite Program

Planned respite care provides relief for the caregiver/family and/or the client.  A limited number of respite care beds are available at the La Ronge Health Centre for a seven day minimum stay to a thirty day maximum stay.   Clients must go through an application process.

Cost:    Daily rates for respite care are set by the Ministry of Health.

Palliative Care

The La Ronge Palliative Care Team believes in upholding and respecting the quality of life of each individual with terminal illness.  Selected team members provide their expertise, life experiences and diversity of skills and talents to enhance the quality of living for the dying and their families. Palliative Care services are available to all the region's residents.  Discuss with your doctor, or call your local home care office.

Volunteers (La Ronge, only)

The success of our programs depends on volunteers.  Volunteers are people of any age who give time, talent and energy to help other people, for which they seek no compensation.  We try to match your interests and time schedule with the programs available:  assistance with activities, meals on wheels, transportation and palliative care.  There is a special program for youth volunteers.  Call the volunteer coordinator: 425-4803. 

Who is eligible for services?

A person who needs continuing care or temporary assistance to maintain wholistic health can access continuing care services offered by the health region.

Role of the client care supervisor/assessor

Clients make one request for information and a client care supervisor assists them through the assessment process and delivery of the services they require.  This is sometimes referred to as the single point of entry, or coordinated assessment service.  For clients who return home from acute care or respite care, the supervisor works with the clients, family, community and health care staff to set up needed services.

Contact us

For information on Continuing Care Health Services, contact:

Creighton: 688-8631
La Ronge: 425-4829
Pinehouse: 884-5670
Sandy Bay: 754-5405
Weyakwin: 663-6100