What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a means of delivering health care services and education through interactive video, audio and computer technologies.

Telehealth enhances the ability to provide patient care, regardless of geographic location.

Imagine you live in a remote community like Pinehouse and you need to see a doctor in Saskatoon...There are many things that make the journey to Saskatoon difficult such as long distances to travel, the harsh winter climate and transportation challenges.

Through the use of video conferencing technology, you are able to consult your doctor via Telehealth by travelling to the closest Telehealth site in your area.

Telehealth in Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region:

Our region currently has four Telehealth sites (La Ronge, Pinehouse, Sandy Bay and Creighton), and uses Telehealth for three main purposes:

Clinical: This is the main use for Telehealth in our region. Specialists from Saskatoon or around the region can book times to see clients at one of the Telehealth sites. The types of specialist services that can be offered by Telehealth are: adult & pediatric surgery, adult & pediatric psychiatry, adult psychology, ultrasound, ostomy/wound therapy consults, pediatric rheumatology, adult & pediatric rehabilitation medicine, stoma therapy, plastic surgery, memory clinic, genetics, obstetrics/gynecology and diabetic counseling.

If you live near La Ronge, Pinehouse, Sandy Bay or in a First Nations (Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation) community (South End, Pelican Narrows, Deschambeault Lake) with Telehealth equipment, you can ask your family physician if you can have your specialist clinic by Telehealth.

Education: Public and staff education sessions are offered every month on a variety of topics. Health Region employees and the public always welcome to attend these sessions, or even host an education session!

Administration: Meetings that are "health related" are able to be attended over the Telehealth network. This allows a person to stay in La Ronge and attend a meeting in another community, or another community can attend your meeting in La Ronge over the network.

In 2007, the province's Telehealth Coordinator Working Group was a recipient of a Saskatchewan Healthcare Excellence Award.

Saskatchewan Healthcare Excellence Award

More information on Telehealth Saskatchewan can be found at:

For more information on how your program or department can utilize Telehealth, contact:

Jay Vincent, Telehealth Coordinator at 425-4819 or by e-mail.